Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bucharest Conference in Applied Ethics '09 [CFP]

"Ethics Committees and Other Ethical Tools"
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest
October 30-31, 2009

We are delighted to invite you at the 2nd edition of the BUCHAREST CONFERENCE IN APPLIED ETHICS, 2009. The event will be hosted by the Faculty of Bucharest, University of Bucharest, during October 30-31, 2009.

The BCAE has been developed as a debate platform, where theorists and practicians meet together and discuss the most important topics in the fields of Applied Ethics. The main aim of these conferences is the advancement of significant solutions for the real world.

This year topic, "Ethics Committees and Other Ethical Tools", reflects the growing interest in institutionalizing ethics. And though there has been some discussions on the role of ethics committees or on the function of some other ethical tools (especially, ethics training and social audit) -- mainly in the form of academic papers --, we consider that the debate is insufficient and too localized. In practice, the theoretical developments are rarely taken into consideration (e.g., in Southern and Eastern Europe, ethics committees function as 'intuitive' bodies, where decision is influenced more by its members' biases, while the Northern European pattern depends heavily on procedures).

Our aim is to bring into light those aspects that can make the ethics tools really work. The ethics committees and the codes of ethics are not individual tools; so we hope to see them working together in integrated ethics (and compliance) frameworks or management systems.

The conference organizers are looking for papers that consider either the integrative model or individual tools. The later approach may discuss topics such as:

* the ethics committees and their role in developing effective policies;
* codes of ethics: typology, role, structure;
* ethics (and compliance) trainings;
* ethics audit, social audit, CSR reporting;
* ethics (and compliance) policies;
* awareness programs;
* other ethical tools.

Early submissions are highly encouraged. This way, the prospective participants may receive the acceptance letters faster.

Prospective participants must send final papers to the conference organizers by September 10, 2009. All papers will circulate before conference and will be temporarily published on the official website. After the conference, the papers will be published in the BCAE Proceedings.

Official language is English, but there will be a Romanian speaking panel.

All papers must observe the editorial guidelines and must be prepared for blind-review (one Word file containing the title, author's name, and an English 200-words abstract + a separate Word file containing the title, the abstract and the paper).

There is no participation fee.

For general inquiries, all correspondence should be sent to:
bcae /AT/ bcae / DOT/ ro.

The BCAE official website:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cercetarea in Romania

Declaratia unuia dintre membrii echipei de informaticieni SYTECH, care a castigat Imagine Cup de anul acesta, ar trebui sa-i puna pe ganduri pe guvernantii nostri. Din pacate, traim intr-o tara condusa de indivizi care nu vad decat propriul interes si nu vor face nimic pentru welfare-ul general.

Citez declaratia data Evenimentului Zilei:
“O să fim proprii noştri şefi, intenţionăm să dezvoltăm o firmă care să lucreze numai cu guvernele mai multor ţări, să vindem diverse platforme create de noi. Vrem să deschidem o firmă într-un paradis fiscal şi sperăm să fim şi proprii noştri impresari şi manageri. Aici am primit mai mult strângeri de mână, avem câţiva oameni cărora le suntem recunoscători, dar nu cred că vom rămâne în ţară."