Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Medieval Manuscripts in Romanian Libraries, 1: Romanian Academy, Library (Bucharest)

A few weeks ago, at Prof. Panzaru's suggestion and with his support, I have contacted the President of the Library of the Romanian Academy planning to help them digitalize the Latin Manuscripts. I have been surprised to find out that there are no Latin mss dating before the 14th century and all the existent mss are worthless. Moreover, no catalogue of the Latin mss has been published so far.
The Greek mss, although catalogued, are almost in the same situation. There is only one manuscript dating before the 14th century (if I remember right, from the 9th cent.).
More suprising, the scanner they use does not belong to the Romanian Academy, but to an institution of the Romanian Ministry of Culture and Cults, i.e. CIMEC. One more argument: they do not have any specialist in Latin, Greek or Arab Paleography.