Friday, July 27, 2007

Medieval Dream - conf. follow-up

In November 2006, the Bucharest Centre for Medieval Studies held its first annual conference: Le reve medievale et ses metamorphoses au Moyen Age. It was a special moment for us because it was the result of almost 6 years of team building efforts. Although per total the event went very well, some minor problems did arise. But we have been very glad to host such an event and to establish direct contact with international scholars in our own academic space (a practice not so well developed in Romania). Personally, I presented a paper entitled St. Thomas Aquinas on Dreaming, but I did not have the time to review it and publish it in the Proceedings. The same happened with other colleagues caught with bureaucratic issues. Most of the papers presented at this conference dealt with dream/dreaming in the medieval literature, but some theological and philosophical aspects have been discussed.

[I wrote the above lines because I have long thought about writing a conference follow-up, but I did not find the chance to do it. Today, after finding a book on medieval dreaming (J. Stephen Russell, The English Dream Vision. Anatomy of a Form) I decided to finally write down some brief thoughts on the conference.]

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