Saturday, August 04, 2007

The international conference
Ethics and the Professional Culture
A multi-disciplinary approach
Cluj-Napoca, October 5-6th, 2007

The unique development of the subdivision known as "applied ethics" has had a great impact on the moral philosophy during the last years. It appears as a new paradigm in practical philosophy, and a new model to conceive morality by challenging the deontological and teleological approaches. It prefigures comprehension of ethical relations, starting with those that the individuals develop within a professional community. The norms and the rules that structure the moral conduct of the individuals do neither constitute, nor validate themselves exclusively at the level of personal consciousness. They must be traced in the persons' interactions inside the professional community, and in the connection of the professional community with the entire social system and with the norms and principles on which its policy is based. This has as a consequence the need for codifying the professional practices and developing of specific independent institutions with the precise purpose of managing moral conflicts. [more]

The matters of moral and professional integrity, and of ethics in professional culture are of crucial significance, not only from a theoretical point of view, viz. the reassessment of moral theories that are currently adjusting to the type of conducts that contemporary society emphasizes, but also from a practical one, especially from the perspective of social changes that Romanian society expects.

To conclude, the main objective of the conference demands significant commitment and theoretical analysis of the practical and moral implications of the process of implementing new rules and guidelines in new Romania's organizations.

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